Summer Style/Grooming Tips by Justin O’Shea
Written by: Geo Hagan

When we first launched Style.No,Chaser last year, Justin O’Shea was one of the first personalities we spoke to (see here). He’s the revered Buying Director of and we had long been admirers of his fiercely independent sense of style & willingness to step out of the ordinary to create a look that was entirely his own. Since then, the seasons have changed and the mercury levels have certainly gotten higher. We thought to ourselves, “Who better to give us some tips on looking good in the warm weather than the perenially stylish Mr. O’Shea?” Thankfully he acquiesced, and we invite you to read on below …

“Even in hot weather, I find it important to still dress sharp …”

Can you give us a couple of tips about how you approach summer dressing?

As you know, I don’t really change my look too much (I know I am boring). Even in hot weather I find it important to still dress sharp. It really shows you are authentic and not just dressing because of a trend. Here are some of my rules:

– Summer is mostly about changing to short sleeve shirts. I like printed shirts a lot, but they are pretty hard to find. I shop at a lot of unexpected places as I don’t want everyone having the same things as me. These I can’t give away naturally!

– I have a tailor in NYC called Doyle + Mueser who makes most of my suits. I have such specific taste that it has become really addictive with bespoke dressing. Anything is possible so the process from start to finish I find enjoyable.

– Apart from that I wear Acne suits which fit perfectly and I like their identity. It’s important to wear brands which you can associate with.

– Shoes I buy from Louis Vuitton or Prada. I think they have the shapes which suit me the best. Modern but very masculine and traditional.

– Sunglasses are very important. Oliver Peoples make the best ones and I love those guys. They do a lot of custom lenses for me which is cool. I think for a man sunglasses say a lot about who you are.

What about grooming?  Can you give us a few of your grooming tips for summer?

– I go to a barber in London called G.F Trumper. A very old school shop in Mayfair. Traditional places are the best. They are the only ones which cut my beard and hair.

– I don’t do any maintenance in between. I fluctuate from ‘neat’ to ‘bum’ every month before the next appointment! It grows pretty fast.

– I am not a huge product user. I use Kiehl’s moisturizer which is about it. A friend who is beauty editor at Vogue said I looked tired from travelling so much and thiswould help. But I still look tired. I guess I am still a bit old fashioned. I never want to take more time in the bathroom than my girlfriend

Lastly, can you tell us about any new projects with that you’re really excited about?

Always something exciting going on! We have a lot of cool projects and events coming up with brands like Calvin Klein, Gianvito Rossi and Stella McCartney that are creating a fun buzz around the website. The Fall collections were so great that I am just really excited to have the pieces delivered and online. Looking forward to seeing a lot of very cool women walking around this season.

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