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Sunnei’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is simply brilliant.  This entirely hand crafted Italian brand is extremely astute in the art of style and what is most wearable. The looks are fresh and they tug at those strings in your brain that control the “buy now’ impulse.  Sunnei’s masterfully assembled collection is made up of strong blues and crisp whites that form a uniform for the fashion aware and those that are privy to what comes next.  Denim is thrown into the fray with ingenuity and poise.  Shirts, shorts and pants are well tailored for the physically fit but are also accommodating enough for various body types.   The images shown below are from a fashion editorial shot by Vent1 with styling by Luca Smorgon for Fucking Young! magazine.  We must commend them for this sensory escapade that truly delivers.  Follow Sunnei here.

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