Supreme S/S 2016 – Dope Lightweight Outerwear
Written by: Staff

Supreme has done it again. For S/S ’16, the epitome of NYC streetwear has delivered a selection of lightweight outerwear that solidifies Supreme’s #1 spot in the game. As a style writer, Supreme actually makes one’s job really easy, because the visual quotient of their products is so relatable and visceral. They really touched all different categories with their outerwear offerings: Trenches, camouflage, jean jackets, bombers, embellishment, embroideries and more. It’s all executed with a laissez-faire, “give zero-fucks” mentality, and it works so well.

People think fashion is about fabric and trims, but really, it’s about creating a vibe. Supreme mastered that class and they’re never looking back. 

Supreme said it best: #F*ck ‘Em All. Let us know what your favorite piece is ….

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