There’s no doubt about it; Electric Vehicles or EV’s are the wave of the future. Jaguar has definitely realized that and is making a bold entry into this brave new world. From the outside looking in, the stunning I-Pace looks like the combination of a powerful coupe and a sleek SUV. But here’s the deal, it packs a lot of firepower underneath its hood.

Here are some stats: It features 394 HP and 512 lb-ft of torque. And then with regards to its electric train, the Jaguar I-space has a 90 kwh battery that can travel in excess of 240 miles on one single charge. Other additional hook-ups include the following: The interior is spacious and roomy, and clad with loads of luxury leather, and it has all the prerequisite essentials: WiFi, Meridian audio, an optional head-up display and an app that allows you to monitor the vehicle from a smart watch or smart phone. See the pics below:

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