The AETHER Moto Collection
Written by: Staff Images Courtesy of: Aether

When it comes to making functional and stylish menswear, the brand AETHER is at the very top of the food chain. Their outerwear is always highly coveted, and their motorcycle collection features the ultimate union of technology, utility and style. They just released 3 new moto pieces and you can see them below. 

 “It’s abrasion resistant, waterproof and breathable …”

The AETHER Expedition Moto Jacket is the ultimate motorcycle jacket. It is designed for long-haul touring and is fashioned from 3-layer Japanese field Nylon. It’s abrasion resistant, waterproof and it’s also breathable. So even when you’re being protected from the elements, you’re not sweating profusely underneath. It features protective padding on the shoulder, elbow and back pads and is outfitted with fully-integrated chest pads. This is the true definition of total riding protection. Ergonomically, it has a two-way zipper and an interior bottom hem cord that allows you to adjust how the jacket sits when you are in a seated position. 

The Expedition Moto Pants is the perfect accompaniment to the AETHER Moto jacket. It is crafted from the same Japanese field Nylon and features a combination of 3-layer field Nylon and 3-layer stretch Nylon. It is durable, waterproof and breathable. It also allows for a slight stretch capacity in the knees giving extra comfort and agility when the rider is sitting in the saddle. The Moto pant has two zippered front hand pockets and two side pockets. It even has a special vent for circulating air to the inside thighs.

The Loop Moto Jacket is designed mainly for urban motorcycle commuters. It’s a canvas jacket with a clean silhouette and shock-absorbing pads. It features the same durable Nylon canvas as AETHER’s Compass motorcycle pant and it offers the rider breathability and a natural fabric feel. Additional functional elements include a padded collar, zippered cuffs and zip vents from the waist to the elbows that allow cool air to circulate through the jacket. 

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