The Art Of Speed
Words and Photography by: James Law

In James’s Own Words: 

I was recently on location at the famed Laguna Seca raceway in Northern California for the Porsche GT3 cup with Porsche of North America and the Porsche Owners Club for their GT3 Cup event. Our mission was to document their race day from top to bottom on one of the most beautiful tracks in the world as a group of drivers piloted their racebred GT3’s against one another.

Filmmaker Justin Owensby (above) and a small team assembled in the early morning in June to document the GT3 cup for Porsche and its owner’s club. These factory-modified 911’s are built to a race standard and are only intended for the track – with a quick-fill gas tank, semi-slick racing tires from Pirelli and a full race roll cage, these Porsche’s are built to race head to head on the most technical tracks in the world. 

My job was to document the action and tell the story of the day. In 95-degree heat and engines roaring above 115 decibels, these monsters didn’t falter past the steep graded chicane, or through the 160mph straights leading to the finish line. The most striking thing to see in the early dawn light on the first day was a row of $160,000 GT3’s 16 cars deep, with each car busy with a crew of 8 technicians prepping the car for 5 heats to determine who was the fastest on the day.

See the scenes and sights from the race track in the slideshow above. 

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