The Break-In: Botta Design UNO 24 NEO
Written by Staff

We have had the Botta Design UNO 24 NEO watch for close to two months now.  It has been a true joy to rock this ultimate creation that elegantly melds flawless design, common sense and utility.  It has one hand folks!  Two hands on a watch are so yesteryear.  Step into the future people.  Grow Up!  Revolutionary thinking is increasingly rare these days especially when it comes to items we have been programmed to accept for no apparent reason.  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting progress is truly the hallmark of insanity.  One complete rotation of the solo hand housed in this beautiful masterpiece represents a whole day and it is almost stress relieving to know that your watch is not working unnecessarily but efficiently.  It introduces order into your life because you are inspired to work smarter rather than within anxious waste.  The watch has actually helped me pick up after myself.  A feat almost impossible to fathom.

The “Break-In” started in earnest when the UNO 24 NEO arrived in a silver tubular case of pleasure.  Placing it on the wrist was like breaking through the Matrix.  No blue or red pill here, just accurate time and a confident posture.  There is a sleekness to this timepiece that is not only visible and evident aesthetically but also soulful in its movement.  It has kept time impeccably and the only worry I have had is the constant barrage of strangers asking “how does it work”?  My response is usually “step into the future fella”.  The UNO 24 NEO Break-In continues with a confidence that the next months will be as smooth as the prior ones.  Get with the program people.

For the technical nerds amongst us: The White UNO 24 NEO is housed within a stainless steel casing, mounted on a calf nappa soft leather strap that quickly moulds to the wrist. A sapphire non-reflective glass protects the dial, and the Swiss-made movement drives the UNO 24 NEO and ensures reliability and accuracy.

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