The Break-In: Komono Metal Series Black Gold Clement Sunglasses – Week 1
Written by: Staff

The brand Komono (which means ‘small things’) tags itself as a perfect blend of vision and timing.  The Belgian brand pays attention to details without getting overly elaborate or silly with its accessories.  Known mainly for its watches and sunglasses, Komono seems to have found a perfect balance between style, craft and function.

Style.No.Chaser was intrigued and anxious to “Break-In” Komono’s Metal Series Black Gold Clement Sunglasses.  After all summer still blazes outside and what better time to test out these standout pair of sunglasses?  It was easy choosing this pair because they literally jump out at you.  We received them about a week ago and here are the first impressions and the Week 1 findings.

  • Upon opening the package, one notices how aesthetically pleasing these sunglasses actually are. They are great to the touch and sight.
  • The glasses come with a sturdy case and a spiffy lens cleaner.
  • The gold color of the temples are not gaudy at all and will complement most skin and hair types.
  • The sunglasses are a lot lighter in weight than they look and do not create too much pressure from weight on the ears and nose bridge.
  • The light gold mirror polycarbonate lens really stands out and the fact that they offer UV 400 protection is a real bonus or vice versa.

The sunglasses really made the rounds this weekend all around NYC.  Most notably, they traveled all the way to the Brooklyn Museum and witnessed amazing exhibits including ‘Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks’, ‘KAWS: ALONG THE WAY’ and ‘The Rise of Sneaker Culture’.  They held up perfectly – no glare, a lot of envious stares and extreme comfort.  It has only been a week but something tells us these are probably worth the coveted “double buy” – where you buy two of the same thing so just in case something happens to one of them you have an immediate go to replacement.

We will keep you updated in about a month or so to let you know how they are holding up.

Visit the Komono site here to see what other goodness they are cooking.

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