The Break-In: M.R.K.T. Paolo Messenger SUPR FELT – First 2 Weeks
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

It is so exciting to be “breaking-in” this amazing bag from M.R.K.T. (MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER).  This messenger bag is everything a versatile bag should be – it is comfortable on the shoulder, not abrasive on the side torso and not ordinary.

The color scheme of this bag is pure bananas – elephant grey and green.  It is architectural, intellectual and playful at the same time.  How did these guys even dream up this awesome combo?  Walking with this bag pulls people in like some sort of bewitching magnet.  Everyone asks “who makes the bag?” or “where did you get that?” or “I bet that is crazy expensive right?”  New-Yorkers are notoriously difficult to impress so getting such a response from a messenger bag is really a big deal.

An extra bonus is the fact that all of the materials M.R.K.T. used for this bag (and for all their others) are socially conscious and vegan friendly.  This Supr Felt Elephant Grey messenger bag is made from Supr Felt which M.R.K.T. describes as a hyper-dense synthetic industrial felt that has undergone a surface searing process to create a natural textured pattern with a slight sheen that is also highly durable.  There is also a tan back panel (with a green zipper) that is made from Vegn Leather described as simple, clean, and resilient high quality polyurethane resistant to most stains and dirt.

The green shoulder straps of the bag are detachable and there are little pockets/sleeves within the bag that are removable to either create more compartments or one larger space to fit larger items.  To be honest, in the beginning (and still maybe a little now) I felt that the front buckle/clasps did not mesh seamlessly with the overall architectural genius of the bag but I think the designers wanted to inject some industrial vigor into the equation.

These first two weeks have been great and I really look forward to more compliments and standing out in the sea of sameness.

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