The Break-In: Timberland Boots – Month 1
Written by: The SNC Team Photography by: Ben Ferrari and Roslyn Julia

We started our Break-In of Timberland boots a month ago (see the inaugural entry here). The idea was to break in these sturdy boots and give monthly visual reports along with detailed explanations of how these boots were adapting to our individual lifestyles. Here are our reports after Month 1. Please read below: 

“It adds an air of authenticity to the boots …”

Geo picked the Timberland Earthkeepers Sideboot in Burnished Brown:

So I’m one month in, and what can I say, I have very few complaints. With regards to comfort, these are one of the favorite shoes in my arsenal right now. It’s too bad really that they have such a rugged look, because I would have loved to rock these with some of my more formal ensembles. If there was one complaint that sticks out, it’s that the leather is almost too supple, and after wearing it for a full day of meetings around the city, I almost wish there was a little more rigidity around the anle area. With that said, I’m not mad at all with how the burnished brown is starting to get a little more scuffed and scratched. . I actually sat across someone in the N-train the other day wearing a brand new pair of the same boots, and mine looked like they had a lot more character because of all the miles I’ve been put on them.

With the hot summer months coming, the true test will be whether these can work comfortably with a warm weather ensemble – I’ll be reporting on that the next time around. Adios.

Ben picked the Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original Leather 6-Inch Boot

So, one month in with the Timberland Earthkeepers Stitched Toe Boot.  Not really a whole lot to report.  The boots were basically very comfortable right out of the box.  I have worn them every day for the last month.  I have been through rainstorms, purposely stepped in puddles, and dragged the sole on the street to stop my bootleg bicycle.  These boots show very little wear.  Last night I walked home from No. 8 through a torrential downpour and my feet stayed dry.  Kinda loving that. The back of the boots are showing the only real wear or signs of being ‘broken in’ at this point, and the developing hues of age look good.  The front looks brand new.  I don’t even think any creases have developed, a bit mystifying…  The boots are still very light and bouncy on the street which for me is still the main selling point right now.  They’re not terribly stylish.  They definitely say “work boot”.  I’m cool with this, because I’m generally only trying to impress people with my winning personality.  Cheers!

See you at the next Break-In Report

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