The Break-In: Timberland Boots
Written by: SNC Team Photography by: Ben Ferrari

For our continuation of the Break-In series, we are getting really up-close and personal with two new pairs of Timberland boots. With new shoes, it’s almost like a fledgling courtship. The first few encounters are filled with excitement, but are also quite awkward. It remains this way until you find that perfect, symbiotic rhythm and know exactly how to treat this new addition to your life. With these new Tim-boots, the plan is to steadily break them in and report to all of you every month with pictures and journal-type logs about how the whole process is unfolding. 

“With new shoes, it’s almost like a new courtship, The first few encounters …”

Geo picked the Timberland Earthkeepers Sideboot in Burnished Brown (above) – here are his initial thoughts:

First off, let me just say that the pictures online of this boot didn’t do justice to just how handsome these shoes are in person. When these were delivered to our office, my initial thought was “Damn, these look really fresh.” I usually wear a size 11, and these are a 10.5, but it turns out they were exactly the right size. The boot’s upper is made from full grain leather – it’s quite supple and starts to give with even the first wear. The footbed and rubber sole feature Timberland’s Smart Comfort system, and it actually really works. It’s also a comfort to know that the sole and lining are made from recyclable materials. After the first try-on and walk-around, I instantly knew that this Break-In process would be quite pleasant. But by far, my favorite feature of the boot is the side-zipper. I’ve overheard women talk about the joys of having boots with a side-zipper but now, I know the amazing advantages for myself. With this zipper, putting the shoes on and taking them off is so easy and effortless – why don’t all boots have these? Anyways enough yappin’ – see you in a month for the next check-in. 

Ben picked the Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Original Leather 6-Inch Boot (above) – Here are his first impressions:

These boots are very lightweight.  Compared to other boots I’ve worn in the past, they are at least half as heavy.  They feel like I’m wearing styrofome cubs on my feet, which is a good thing. I got a size down and they are still slightly large, but will probably fit well when I put thick socks under them.  The laces are nylon and the sole is pretty bouncy, also good for the New York streets. I have a blister developing on my left ankle because I’m wearing short socks and the back of this boot has some stitching that seems to be causing it.  I think it’s a good boot for summer at this point though, primarily because of the weight factor.

Stay tuned for our next Timberland Break-In entry …

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