From Architecture to Womenswear, Menswear, and accessories this brand is informed by clean lines and function. Founded in 2012 by architect Winston Bartholomew Holder III. His linkedin profile states his goals and mission:

“Tom Ford’s collections revived Gucci by increasing sales 90%.

Rem Koolhaas revolutionized the modern woman’s shoe.

Like myself, both were formally trained in architecture before starting their own successful fashion houses.

I plan to turn B.Gold Couture into an empire which will make Gucci look like FuBu and United Nude look like Payless.”

HOB is the black label and in conjunction with B.Goldnyc. Both of these intersections of architecture and fashion. This unconventional approach translates in the masculine shape, and deconstruction of the garments. The hand applied techniques relative to the design aesthetics take this brand from streetwear to smart-wear making it accessible to all. See more drops here.

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