The HVRMINN Protocol
Written by: Geo Hagan Photography by: Ben Ferrari

Dashing, focused, self-assured, soft-spoken, exquisitely groomed – all these descriptions apply to Minn Hur, the creative force and designer behind made-to-measure line HVRMINN (pronounced hur-minn), the ready-to-wear brand Eponymovs by HVRMINN and military inspired outerwear collection, Vietto.

Minn studied menswear at Parsons and over the years practising his craft, he has developed a design approach that is distinctive, inspired and rife with admirable nuance.  We visited his Manhattan design studio to decipher what makes him tick. 

“I am against telling people how they ought to dress.”

What do you think it is about your HVRMINN and Eponymovs collections that sets you apart from other menswear brands?

From an aesthetic stance, HVRMINN and Eponymovs go against the current trend in men’s fashion, especially sartorial clothing. Suits today are proportionally shorter and smaller in general respect. Our suiting is more in line with the dress of the twentieth century gentlemen that media and film often romanticize. With Eponymovs, our ready-to-wear collection, we have the freedom to experiment with the classics, providing them in unconventional context and fabrics.

What was it that initially attracted you to the craftsmanship of menswear?

In my teens, I encountered a beautifully crafted Zegna suit – that’s when my interests in men’s clothing began. After my eighteenth birthday, I visited a local Japanese tailor for all of my suits.

Where does your main inspiration come from with regards to your design approach?

I don’t have a primary source that drives my inspiration. I synthesize history, art, psychology and memory to create. I don’t ever have a single thing I can point to. In fact, I can say with certainty that my design will not be stagnant-it will change inevitably as I do.

Can you explain the main differences between your brands HVRMINN, Eponymovs by HVRMINN and Vietto?

Vietto is a dedicated outerwear brand that derives its aesthetic from the authentic archaic military uniforms. Eponymovs serves to encompass much more, providing a lifestyle. I personally wear Vietto’s outerwear over my suit.

How would you describe your personal style? Does it influence the garments you create?

My design is an extension of my personal style. I don’t design things that I wouldn’t wear, or attempt to bring an abstractness to clothing. Although, my personal style has been individualized according to my persona, psychologically speaking.

Every time we’ve seen you, your personal grooming is really impeccable … do you have any special grooming rituals?

Although I don’t have any groundbreaking grooming techniques, I like that you refer to it as a ritual. Keeping my hair and mustache maintained is probably the most methodic and regimented routine that I undergo day to day.  I think many people dread this process, but it provides me with comfort.

An often overlooked aspect of pulling off a winning suited look is having the right shoes and accessories – what type of shoes and accessories do you personally prefer?

I am against telling people how they ought to dress. There are too many arbiters of fashion who try to enforce the rules of menswear. In other words, I don’t believe there are “right” ways to wear your suit as long as it looks harmonious. Therefore, the only principle I follow is harmony in terms of hue, texture, material and so on.

In addition to online,where can customers find your clothes? Do you have any international accounts?

We don’t yet. For now we are taking private appointments in NYC for made-to-measure orders for HVRMINN. We are launching an online store for Eponymovs this July, so it will be readily available to everyone. Vietto is currently available now:

Are there any plans to open a free-standing Eponymovs store in the future?

This is exactly what we intend to do. I want to maintain full control over how the brand is represented in every aspect. This will require that we remain independent, avoiding reliance on other retailers and third parties.

Lastly, what facet of being a designer brings you the most passion and joy?

The process of design serves only as a means to an end. I want to provide high-quality clothing to as large an audience as possible, and being a designer enables this. Eponymovs exists to provide high quality, sophisticated designs, at a price that doesn’t encourage exclusivity.  

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