There is a changing of the guard happening right before our eyes. All the old bastions of popular culture are making way for new movements propelled by the vibrancy and fresh thinking of today’s youth. One of the emerging leaders of the new school is the NYC-based, Jonah Levine. At the tender age of 19, he has already made major moves as a DJ, model, stylist and designer. He has worked with brands like Kith, Billionaire Boys Club, Urban Outfitters and more – and there are even more impressive projects he’s nearing completion on. Style.No.Chaser represents youth, freedom and artistic energy and Jonah definitely reflects all those traits. Read our Q&A below: 

“Major artists and brands are finally starting to listen to the kids …”

You wear a lot of hats – model/stylist/designer/DJ. How would you describe your overall occupation? 

Without sounding too cheesy, my goal is to be an influencer all around. I want my taste/style/work to lead to consulting full time for major brands and artists. 

You’ve accomplished a lot at a young age – when did you make up your mind that you wanted to be involved in all these different aspects of youth culture? 

It wasn’t so much that I made the decision to, but I was just seeing results from hanging around certain scenes and learning about culture. I feel like I never made too much of an attempt to immerse myself in anything. It all just happened organically, which was definitely for the better. 

Music also runs in your family. You play instruments and you DJ as well; what are the ultimate aspirations you have for your music career? 

More than anything, I just appreciate what goes behind the music and how it’s marketed/branded. I want to consult with more artists on how to go about carrying out their image and creative process. There are a lot of talented guys that aren’t presenting themselves as well as they could be. I want to help with that. 

How deep are you in the social media world? Do you maintain a heavy presence on Snapchat, IG etc? 

I just post when I feel like it. I don’t really have a formula or specific aesthetic. I feel like for the most part I only post things for or with my friends. The following is just something that came about, again, organically.

Being that you’re on the forefront of youth culture, what do you predict to be the next brands/movements/artists to blow up in art, music and fashion? 

Major artists and brands are finally starting to listen to the kids. And not just like “listen to the kids, bro!” but like actually paying attention to how influencers are branding themselves. This is the first generation where it’s actually possible to make a living off of nothing other than just being yourself. People within our little circle are going to be having some major say in the corporate/mainstream entertainment and fashion industry. 

Speaking about style – what are some fashion staples that we can always find in your wardrobe? 

 Everything has been really watered down lately. I’ve really simplified my style because of that. I don’t even like spending money on clothes anymore. The cheaper the better. A good pair of jeans, a good pair of shoes, and a good jacket is all I really need these days. 

We know you travel a lot too. What are some of your favorite cities to visit, and why? 

I actually would like to be traveling more often, but London is easily one of my favorites. I feel like their culture is the most authentic and they don’t follow the waves of other cities. LA is always a good place to check in on, New York is home, Toronto has the best energy, and I’m dying to find out about Japan. 

Summer is on the way! What cool projects/surprises can we expect from you in the months ahead? 

I’ve been working on a capsule collection for the majority of the fall/winter. Hoping for a big release, but it also may make sense to just keep it low key and only available to the people who are really right for the brand’s image. I guess we’ll see what the vibe is when we get closer to rolling it all out. Stay tuned for more on that.

To keep up with Jonah, follow him on Instagram: @Jonah.Levine

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