The Legend of Oxnard – Madlib
Written by: Staff

There are a few names in Hip-Hop that always command maximum respect whenever they are uttered. One of those names is the record label named Stones Throw Records, and another is the man who made that label famous: Madlib. 

From the late 90’s all through the 2000’s, Madlib consistently put out album after album or pure, uncut Hip-Hop classics. There are the albums he put out under different aliases like Quasimoto, Yesterday’s New Quinted and Beat Konducta. And then of course, you have to tak about his brilliant and legendary collab albums with rap heroes like MF Doom (Madvillian). Jay Dilla (Jay Lib), and most recently, with Freddie Gibbs (Pinata). 

For all those new heads who might not know his older catalog, Madlib was also the producer manning the boards for the recent Kanye West track, “No More Parties in LA.” We were also elated to here that Madlib is also about to reup on a new album with Freddie Gibbs. We definitely can’t wait for that project to drop. 

The legend himself recently sat down with the good folks at Red Bull Music Academy for a  detailed, introspective interview. Do your homework with this one – you won’t regret it.

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