The Reebok Club C Shroud
Written by Bastik Louver All images courtesy of Reebok

The Reebok Club C Shroud is a very cool sneaker that draws you in with the efficiency of a spell cast by a voodoo priestess who promises immortal love and undying virility.  The Club C Shroud is a not so subtle tribute to the 1990s NBA great Shawn Kemp known for mad court skills (and maaaad children). The shoes that appear in two dope colorways showcase crinkled leather, front and back zippered accoutrements, a padded mesh collar, and a beefy tongue.  These sneakers do justice to the ongoing Reebok 30th anniversary celebrations and are also sure to give sneaker heads swift erections.  The sweet sweet product seen below will drop here on 02/11/2017.

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