The Seoul Invasion: Fig Collective
Written by: Staff Photography by: Minhong Ahn

The Korean menswear fashion scene has been creeping on a come up for the last several years, and we think that 2015 is going to be the year when it blows up stateside in a major way. We already had a feature some months back on a bespoke dress shoe company called SUARTE that recently touched down in NYC. Today we shine the light on an online retailer called Fig Collective that has curated stylish pieces from some of the best Korean brands in existence. They have plush leather bikers and mohair wool top coats from The T-Shirt Museum, great utility street wear for another dope brand called THISISNEVERTHAT, and directional oversize sweatshirts from another label called 13 Month. Check out a sampling of the looks below …

The menswear designers from Seoul are onto something special here. They are not afraid to play around with silhouette proportions and they have found a way to seamlessly align luxury and avant-garde streetwear looks. The result is polished but has a definite edge as well. Be sure to head to the Fig Collective men’s shop and see all the looks they’ve curated. 

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