Written by: Jasper Freudsteen

Creative collaborations titillate the senses and are beguiling to the thralls of our imperial master – fashion.  However, most collaborations end up being anticlimactic and lukewarm at best.  The ones that hit the right notes and thrive become cult-like in essence and in following.  Infinitely classy French designer, Thierry Lasry has teamed up with LA-based tattoo doyen, Dr. Woo to create unisex sunglasses that embody visual excellence and a precise fashion aesthetic.  The sunglasses in the collaboration boast both vintage and futuristic characteristics that border on the creation of a fresh fashion philosophy rather than just an object. Thierry is renowned for only using acetate from legendary Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli, and Dr. Woo is celebrated for his meticulous needlework – the combination of the minds and creativity of these distinguished artists conceive distinct sculptural frames with unique engraving and massive chromatic appeal. The sunglasses come in four base colors and can be purchased at and

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