Thom Browne S/S 2015
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

Thom Browne used models Corentin Renault and Botond Cseke in his spring-summer 2015 lookbook to great results.  The outfits are sleek, sometimes erratic, but always impressive.  Although Thom stayed true to his grays and blues, he kept it interesting with some exciting shapes and patterns.  The designs in this collection confirmed that the American designer is paying attention to what is fresh and relevant.  There is a nautical- inspired and easy-beach theme that runs through the whole collection helping to make it quite memorable. There is also a retro attitude to the collection that allows for some fun and whimsical moments.  The collection is remarkably wearable despite some curve balls that could throw off even the most seasoned fashionista.  The tailoring in the collection is flawless and Mr. Browne manages to inject some military features into what is an otherwise playfully crisp presentation.  Thom Browne seems to be loving life with this collection and even the more serious sartorial looks have a ‘wink and nod’ essence to them.  Shorts are tolerantly featured in many looks and all the pants are cropped to perfection delivering slender and striking silhouettes that scream “desirable and wearable” in an elegant  manner.  To say that Thom Browne hit a homerun with this collection would be an understatement – in order to be able to accomplish gentlemanly sophistication, youthful assertiveness and whimsical decorum in the same collection is a feat that has eluded many a designer, but Thom Browne nailed it.

An article of note is a short sleeved white spotted navy blazer that is masterfully paired with a butterfly patterned white shirt and a striped tie.  We are not sure to where you would wear this ensemble but we do know that you would be the best dressed individual there.  Simply put, this look is extremely sharp and its youthful allure makes it quite appealing.  See this look and other looks of note below.

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