Thomas Bálint A/W 2015
Written by: Staff All Images courtesy of Thomas Bálint

Voluminous proportions, zebra-esque elegance and flares of bold color are all ways to describe Thomas Bálint’s A/W 2015 collection.  The Canadian designer presents his designs with sculptural awareness that tempts the most conservative dresser to take risks and explore something new.  Although most of the silhouettes in the collection are undeniably capacious, the roominess of the clothes does not affect the expert tailoring.  The clothes are minimal but packed with subtle detail that might be missed by the casual lookbook viewer, but will definitely be appreciated by the wearer and the fashion connoisseur.  The clothes are almost whimsical in their appearance but no whimsy can distract from the fact that Thomas Bálint has a serious point of view that should be acknowledged and celebrated.

See some looks from the A/W 2015 collection below.  This brand is one to watch.  Follow them on Instagram, TwitterTumblr and Facebook.


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