Written by: Carmelo Guastella, Artistic Barber & Men’s Grooming Expert

Dad David Beckham and son Brooklyn went off for a fishing trip for some Father’s Day bonding in Dorset.  

What caught my eye wasn’t the fish but David Beckham’s trimmed beard or put in better grooming lexicon, the stubble.

Stubble is defined as the point when facial hair does not cover the entire skin.  It is the growth that appears in about two to six days after a clean shave.

Why do we think David opted for the stubble instead of the full beard?

– The trimmed beard makes David look younger

– This beard strategy makes gray hair less noticeable

– With this there is little need for “Just for Men” beard coloring

– This is easier to maintain

-David is a trend setter and he is fully aware that now is the time for stubble

It is great that full beards are disappearing with summer.  Contemporary men know that the stubble is an obvious wise choice.

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