Timepieces with Architectural and Industrial Brilliance: MINUS-8
Written by: Venkatesh Patel All images courtesy of MINUS-8

MINUS-8 timepieces fall squarely into the philosophical essence of Style.No.Chaser mainly because the brand wants to be part of forward-thinking conversations that highlight the role of art, style and innovative design in shaping the future. The MINUS-8 brand was created by the industrial design team behind the Xbox and the Nike Fuel band and fruits of the team’s tireless efforts are vividly evident in the stunning timepieces that halt time a little when you set eyes on them.  MINUS-8 is tapping into something exciting, fresh and pure in the cluttered world of timepieces.  MINUS-8’s timepieces walk a very nuanced and intelligently constructed line with watches that convey enough panache to pull in fashionistas but also possess ample attributes to attract fine watch purists.  

On a side note, Style.No.Chaser has will be conducting our very popular Break-In Series review with the MINUS-8’s Layer Leather timepiece in Silver and Blue, where we give readers periodic updates of how items hold up with time – this will be a lot of fun.  Stay tuned!   

“For example, our case construction took over a year to build, and it is made of 6 layers of 316L bonded stainless steel …”

Could you please tell the masses about MINUS-8 the brand, the philosophy and the vision behind it? 

MINUS-8 is a San Francisco-based watch brand putting a spin on classic designs.  Designed by ASTRO Studios, the industrial design firm behind the Xbox 360 and the Nike Fuel band, MINUS-8 takes its name for the West Coast time zone, GMT-8.  

As long time designers of well-known products in the market place, ASTRO Studios wanted to put a spin on exciting watches and reinterpret them with a futurist and architectural mindset. Thus MINUS-8 was created to offer a new spin on classical watches designs and offer new construction techniques.   

The timepiece market is crowded, what separates MINUS-8 from the heap? 

It’s true; there are a lot of timepieces in the market.  What makes us different is that we are created by industrial designers who design products for a living. From that perspective, we wanted to design something with our own aesthetic and spin. For example, our case construction took over a year to build, and it is made of 6 layers of 316L bonded stainless steel flowing from the exterior to the interior of the watch face creating a stadium-like effect and adding depth to the face. Each individual layer of stainless steel is tightly sealed together to create a waterproof watch. The layer rings create a 3D landscape, referencing architecture. It all comes back to doing something new that feels unique and has never been done before. 

Who is the quintessential MINUS-8 patron? 

We create MINUS-8 for people who like style, design and are interested in new and cool brands.

What other brands out there does MINUS-8 look up to or aspire to be like, and why? 

MINUS-8 is inspired by brands that make bold statements. More than ever, people want to communicate they are living a modern lifestyle. There is a group of brands that are making really strong product and apparel to speak to these individuals. It’s so interesting to watch the conversation evolve and see these leading brands continue to push boundaries and inspire one another. We want to be contributors to that conversation.

Is MINUS-8 open to collaborations with other brands? 

Yes, we are open to collaborating with other brands if it is the right fit. In fact, we have already done a limited edition watch with NICE Collective (only 20 were made). NICE Collective is a fashion brand which is known for outfitting musicians like Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins and The Police as well as Robert Patterson, Gavin Rossdale and Brad Pitt. Last year, we designed a watch for Autodesk. It was a limited run of 100 Layer 24’s. We took our inspiration from the MONO sports car, another Autodesk user and created a watch that invokes the luxury, precision and human ingenuity of an exotic car. 

MINUS-8 states that its timepieces are a product of a “futurist, architectural mindset”, can you elaborate on what this means?

MINUS-8 is about being modern and new without being too overt. It’s a lifestyle and represents a forward thinking aesthetic that we all relate to. We’re into art, fashion, design, and architecture and we believe MINUS-8 reflects our curiosity.  The Layer uses architectural, machined, PVD layers in the case geometry to bring flexibility when applying color.  The layer rings create a 3D landscape, referencing architecture. It all comes back to doing something new that feels unique.

Does MINUS-8 have any other products in mind other than timepieces? 

At the moment, we are only focusing on our timepieces. We want to open more stores and built our customer base. We have a lot of exciting watch styles we are working on. 

Since Style.No.Chaser is a men’s lifestyle magazine, what attributes/items/clothing /etc. does MINUS-8 think defines a man? 

We think the attitude defines the man, how you carry yourself. 

Where can people get updates about or purchase MINUS-8 products? 

The best way to get updates is to sign up for our newsletter. We send new product updates or promotions to our subscribers. Instagram and Facebook are also great for updates.

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