Written and Photographed by: Ben Ferrari

Baffi is coming through with some straight new sh*t, in the form of…wait for it… Wooden Pocket Squares.  What??  Yes you heard right, wooden mofo’in pocket squares, and they are pretty sick.  They stay in place to your jacket via a little magnet, never have to be folded, and always look crisp.  The brand, out of Toronto, started about 5 months ago and is the brainchild of Co-CEO’s Michael Mota and Aymen Hbeichi.  The concept is not only practical but very stylish and unexpected, which is one of the best qualities any outfit can have, that little something different, bending the rules without shattering them to pieces.  Menswear is really built on practicality, but it’s the little things that create interest and depth in one’s wardrobe.  Baffi also has magnetic, wooden lapel pins and tie clips.  The future for Baffi is going to be based on reinterpreting menswear essentials in unexpected earthen materials.  There’s no plastic on the horizon.  Expect to see all sorts of accessories made of wood and natural materials encompassing everything from iPhone cases to belt buckles.  I’m into this.  I hate cheap trendy crap and this brand is operating on the other side of the spectrum.  They are solving prolems (not having to fold pocket squares, for one, and not having to constantly finesse their position in your pocket, two) and doing it with an irreverent, whimsical approach.  This isn’t just stuff for the kids either.  Men of all ages can grasp onto this concept.  If any of you out there know me, you know I love to party, and Michael assures me that I can jump on all the couches and banquets at the club, double fisting Grey Goose, and these little pocket squares are gonna stay put.  This is definitely a bonus, because when I leave the club, I usually look like I just weathered a salt flat wind storm for a few days.  Anything I can do to keep it crispy is ok by me.  And for all you Shark Tank fans out there, Daymond John just came through the booth and tried to walk away with one of these joints, that’s a pretty big seal of approval, for sure…  Cheers!

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