Todd Snyder Suiting Fall 2016 Lookbook
Written by Erving Parker All images courtesy of Todd Snyder

The very affable Todd Snyder continues to cement his place in men’s fashion with a Fall 2016 suiting lookbook that adorns the physique of sizzling model Adonis Bosso to precise perfection.  The lookbook is tinted in vintage hues that accentuate the clothes giving them a lush refined quality reminiscent of early Ralph Lauren cuts.  The suits in the lookbook are very well fitted and underscore the versatility needed to go from work life to night life.  This American designer knows innately that the country is already great and shows this by making clothes that go high when others choose to go low.  Wow, we just realized how much we hate politics!  Anyway, Todd Snyder – keep up the good work and keep making all we the deplorables looking sharp.

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