Todd Snyder X Champion SS 2016
Written by: Staff

The new Todd Snyder X Champion collection for SS 16 is spot on! Just when you thought the ath-leisure trend in menswear had been completely bastardized, this new offering arrives and brings some sanity to the proceedings. If there’s one thing you can bank on with Todd Snyder, it’s that he brings a steady and trained hand to each collection. That deft touch is evident here with the simplicity and streamlined nature of the new Spring collection. Varsity jackets, V-inset sweatshirts and athletic tees all play together nicely for a modern mature look. The jocks and bros will find something to love here, but these pieces will also work for men with more sophisticated leanings. Oh, and we have to mention, the color palette is quite refined and utterly wearable. See the looks below: 

To shop this collection, visit the Todd Snyder X Champion site here.

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