TOKA TOKA Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
Written by: Derek Gravstop All images courtesy of TOKA TOKA

French brand TOKA TOKA unleashes a Spring/Summer 2016 Collection that shows spontaneous relaxation in a refined mode. The collection is inspired by Mark Lewis’ short film Above and Below the Minhocao, filmed in Sao Paulo. It shows the Minhocao, an elevated highway, which is now closed to traffic and where people go running and cycling to relax after a long day. This collection oozes youthful exuberance in its purest form – the clothes simply make you happy.  The joy from wearing garments that are made with a vintage twist cannot be hidden.  The collection straddles casual and sporty with adroit astuteness.  There is a clear beach feel to the whole collection with blue hues, stripes and graphics making appearances in breezy effortless combinations.  TOKA TOKA has a lot to be proud of with this collection because it is unquestionably not easy to deliver an entire collection that is youthful without being hollow and accessible without being tasteless.  See the collection below and shop it here.

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