Transmitting Feelings with Dorote Zaukaite
Written by Anthony Hagan All Images courtesy of Dorote Zaukaite

From very early on in her existence Dorote Zaukaite knew she was a creative.  Her whole life revolves around living each day to the fullest and spreading love and kindness through her doll art.  Her recent creations which she calls demons (in the best sense of the word) are intricate representations of her feelings.  Her dolls tell a story all on their own and not only are they companions, they are works of art that transmit pure emotions that are missing in some living beings.  Dorote is one of those rare people who is truly fulfilling their mission in life in a selfless and unadulterated manner.  Style.No.Chaser applauds Dorote’s unique way of spreading affection and invites you to delve into the amazing interview below.

“My style has changed with the ideas that my dolls are expressing. From light fantasy creatures my dolls have …”

Please tell us a little about yourself – your childhood, siblings, where you grew up, what you liked as a child, strange thoughts as a child/now, unique attributes, where you live now, etc.?

My name is Dorote Zaukaite and I am a doll artist from Kaunas, Lithuania.  I was a creative kid. I was making doll houses from books, building castles from sand, making princesses from flowers and playing with household instruments as though they were some kind of dolls. I remember myself thinking that the dolls had feelings just the same as human beings, and I was taking care of them, dressing them up so they stay warm, putting them to sleep at night and never ever hurting them.

What is your earliest art memory – what hooked you?

My earliest creative memory – I guess it was drawing with blue pen on a yellow wall tapestry in my grand grandpa’s room. I was maybe 3 year old then. Drawing and creating things was a natural part of my life and just later at school I have realized that not just everybody can do that.

How do you describe your form of art and how did you develop your art style?

Today I am creating collectible dolls. I love this form of art, as it requires so many skills and includes so much complexity as no any other art form does. The other thing I love about dolls is that one can interact with them. They are not meant to be only observed from a distance, but also to be touched. My dolls are the reflections of my thoughts and emotions; they often tell stories and transmit my feelings. They are my way of communicating with the world.
My style has changed with the ideas that my dolls are expressing. From light fantasy creatures my dolls have turned into thoughtful fragile beings with long limbs and large yes. My works have become more philosophical – I guess. When I am thinking of the proportions of my dolls, I realize that it must have come from my childhood attraction to evening shadows. I loved to observe them – they were so long and slim. I was standing in the sun, moving my hands and legs and watching how the long-limbed shadow person is repeating my moves. Years and years later the image of the long-limbed creature imprinted in my mind has been reborn in a shape of my dolls.
My latest creation is a line of dolls cast in resin; they are called Tiny Tender Demons. I have chosen a demon from all the mythological creatures because I see a direct parallel between a demon and a human. Ancient demons were neither good nor evil. They were known as wise creatures, inspiring people and guiding them. Also they had a great sense of humor and made jokes for gods and goddesses. The later religions have given demons the undeserved evil role, which I refuse to accept. My demons are gentle thoughtful creatures that can live quietly on a bookshelf and be that perfect companion just when you need one.

What philosophy do you live by and what is your ultimate aspiration?

The philosophy of my life is simple: never forget that you have only one life to live. Time is running fast and human life seems to be very short, so there is no space for negativity, no space for anger and hatred. I try to enjoy each single minute of my life and to bring joy to others whenever I can. I often receive warm words from collectors and admirers of my work, telling me how my creations have brightened their day. It makes me feel warm. If people feel happier because of my work, it means I am fulfilling my mission.

Which artist/s do you look up to the most?

I love paintings from Daniel Merriam, and expressive fantastic figures from Virginie Ropars. I admire Michele Clapton for her endless imagination and fabulous skill in costume design and my favorite music writer of all time is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Other than art (or making your marvelous dolls), what other profession would you like to attempt if you had the time and resources?

If I didn’t make dolls, I would like to be a writer. I would write fantasy stories about fairies and dragons and other fantastic creatures. I used to write poems when I was a teenager and sometimes I miss writing very much.

Who dead or alive, celebrity or not, artist or not, would you like to go on a two week road trip with and why?

Definitely with my boyfriend! It is not often that we have a chance to travel, but when we do – he is a best trip mate I could ever want. He is one of the few people I feel comfortable being myself around and I enjoy his company each single day.

Since Style.No.Chaser is a men’s lifestyle magazine, what attributes/items/clothing /etc. do you think define a man?

I will not be original here, and will admit that whenever I meet a man for the first time, I always take a look at his footwear. Whatever a man is wearing on his feet tells a lot about him especially if it is casual footwear. The style, the cleanness, the age of the footwear, how it matches the clothing – it all talks to me and defines a man, or at least helps create a first opinion.

How can people learn more about your current and upcoming projects?

I have a web page where I announce my new projects, so everybody who is interested can follow me on  I can be also found on Facebook:

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