Tranzend Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Written by: Moglibos All images courtesy of Tranzend

The Tranzend Fall/Winter 2016 collection is an excursion in space-age fashion with a sustainable twist.   This English brand that emphatically states that its values are built and derived from three elements – Sartorial Aesthetic, Technology and Sustainability does not disappoint with its F/W 2016 collection.  Tranzend is extremely enterprising in its quest to merge sustainability, style and commercial success and one cannot help but cheer on with bated breath as we know the perilous nature of the chosen path.  Tranzend further states that they see the emerging market of menswear and apply functional yet sustainable textiles to ready-to-wear items, breaking the impression of formal menswear, allowing style and function to co-exist.  The mission of the brand is very admirable and when you evaluate the advanced technical and innovative fabrics of all kinds used in the collection and throw in a definite (and quite desirable) point of view, you potentially have a hit on your hands.  With a tag line that states “stand like a legend, move like a beast”, we think Tranzend will pioneer a new approach to ‘doing well while doing good’ in the world of fashion.

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