Let’s be honest, the fashion style of NBA stars has gotten very weird lately. It’s probably only to be expected; give a bunch of young, confident showboaters millions of dollars, and some really daring stylists, and the results could range from spectacular to the absurd.

Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder is especially known for pushing the limit with regards to style. His unique outfits have already gained him tons of media coverage and he already has some collabs under his belt.

His newest product collab is a partnership with global travel brand Tumi. The capsule consists of six bags, and one key fob, and they are certainly the opposite of boring. The bags are constructed from a durable and bright red camo (a fitting hue for Westbrook’s persona), and there are different pieces to suit any trip length or destination.

Mr. Westbrook offered the following about the collab, “Being who I am and what I represent in terms of style, I wanted to do something different,” he says. “And Tumi was excited to do something in a color that sticks out but is still useful.”

To see the full capsule, click here.

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