Ubi Sunt F/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

Ubi Sunt is a phrase taken from the Latin “Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?” which translates into “Where are those who were before us?”, or a more common interpretation “Where Now”.  This term is often used to depict nostalgia for the past or an awareness that life and beauty are fleeting.  Designers, Aidin Sanati and Moa Wikman, were very particular in picking Ubi Sunt as their brand’s handle because judging from past work and the brand’s FW14 collection, thinking and thoughtfulness define all that this Swedish duo does.  

The pallet for the collection is dark.  The duo has consistently eliminated unnecessary details, such as bright colors and prints from their designs so they can focus on what is important such as function, comfort, versatility and consistency in quality.   The collection is primarily made up of chalky dark blues, blacks and grays.  The collection is sartorially sophisticated but also whimsical in an intellectual and fashionably astute manner.  There are suits that are work and/or nightlife ready and there are sweaters that are just brilliant in form, structure and texture.  The jackets are flawless and would be amazing over formal slacks but really stellar over a pair of Levis.  The silhouettes Uni Sunt has created in this collection are different but at the same time very wearable – the shapes seem unusual but they really aren’t – they almost sculpt around the body in an unconstricting way.  The clothes look and feel nostalgic but also unexplored.  Subtle and blatant texture differences make this primarily dark collection vibrant and unique.  There is a feel of “olden day armor” in the collection and we love it.  Maybe the armor is to protect us from all the brands that are not as thoughtful.  Kudos Ubi Sunt!!!

See all the different looks in the slideshow above.

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