Undercover A/W 2015
Written by: Kwesi Adjin All Images courtesy of Undercover

As we have previously stated, Japanese brand Undercover does not mess around.  Undercover’s A/W 2015 collection is nothing but modern menswear perfection.  This collection is inspired by macabre horror movie nostalgia, romantic age visuals and the poetry and paintings of William Blake.  We reiterate, Undercover does not mess around.  Designer Jun Takahashi hits devotees in the head with well-cut pants, slick coats, graphic jackets and playful sweaters.  We want all this stuff and we want them now.  The color palette is spirited and cohesive in a disjointed way.  Style.No.Chaser would like all the items delivered to us yesterday.  Not to over brown nose but we think Jun Takahashi and Undercover are likely to hit the mother lode of fashion royalty very soon.  See the very high notes of the Undercover A/W 2015 collection below.  

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