Uniform Experiment F/W 2014
Written by: Staff

The brand Uniform Experiment was co-founded in 2008 by Hirofumi Kiyonaga (of SOPHNET)  and Hiroshi Fujiwara (of Fragment Design). The founding principle of the brand was this – (and we actually think this is quite genius): They took the concept of a modern man needing a basic uniform for his every day excursions, and then on to that platform, they decided to really let themselves go and introduce interesting graphics, imaginative details, novel materials, precision tailoring and even sometimes, shots of bold color. 

For Fall 2014, the basic uniform concept is very much in place, but it’s the added extras where UE really shines. In this complete collection, you’ll find blazers with fabric blocking, bomber jackets (some slimmed down and others with a blouson-leaning shape), chalk stripe trousers with cool zipper details (see above) and a very nice range of sporty to dressy outwear. They certainly designed this collection with a man’s entire wardrobe in mind. We think there are many looks here that you will find quite appealing. 

See all the looks in the slideshow above. 

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