Uniform Experiment S/S 2015
Written by: Staff

Uniform Experiment was founded in 2008, and the Japanese brand has built a reputation for creating innovative clothing for the modern man that never conforms to tried-and-tested norms. The brand’s founder Hirofumi Kiyonaga is a true rule-breaker and he’s excellent at incorporating bold graphics, tailored elements, standout prints and creative details into his collections. 

For S/S 2015, the Uniform Experiment print game is very strong. Hirofumi experiments heavily with a bold window-pane print and it appears in a varsity jacket, blazer and pant combos and casual t-shirts too. There is also a definite athletic feel that comes through in several elements of the collection. This activewear movement looks to only be getting stronger in men’s fashion each year. You can alway trust Uniform Experiment to deliver the goods, and once again, they give us another solid collection.You can see more looks in “START SLIDESHOW” above.

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