United Arrows F/W 2014
Written by: Geo Hagan Photos courtesy of: United Arrows

How did the summer come and make its leave so fast? In NYC at least, it was the one of the mildest summers we have experienced in recent times, and all signs seem to be pointing to a brisker than usual fall and winter. But don’t fret, the excellent Japanese retailer United Arrows just released their Fall/Winter lookbook, and they’ve provided an abundance of casual and sartorial looks for stylish gents. 

United Arrows has been at this fashion game since 1989, and it’s quite evident from the careful curation and vast variety of looks that these guys are masters in their field. In addition to their own respected in-house line, they also carry select styles from cherry-picked global designers including: Over All Master Cloth, Tonsure, Sleepy Jones and LA-based Stamp’d. In their expertly shot lookbook, you will find slick leather jackets, luxe knits, eccentric full-length wool coats, bomber jackets, sporty field jackets and an assortment of statement accessories: wide-brim hats, bucket hats, suspenders and more. The overall selection is quite incredible, and honestly, if you could own just a fraction of the clothes on display, you’ll probably be the coolest guy on your block. 

See all the looks in the slideshow above

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