United Arrows & Sons X STAMPD Collab

United Arrows & Sons X STAMPD Collab – The Purple Heart collection
Written by Erving Parker All images courtesy of STAMPD

Some things have been gloriously united in a tried and true manner for almost forever. Peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic, stocks and bonds, Netflix and chill, Prodigy and Havoc, work and stress ……. are a few things that come quickly to mind.  It must be said that Japanese specialty store United Arrows & Sons and west coast lifestyle brand STAMPD are making a play for iconic duo status with their latest collab on a project called the Purple Heart collection.  The collection birthed by this union is inspired by the hardened uniforms of World War II – the clothes are well-fitting with the tangible edginess that you expect from a fashion connoisseur that also has a fondness for antique combat.  The color scheme is primarily black, white and green but these colors are not basic at all – they radiate the character of revered war heroes that were principled and selfless in their pursuits.  The collection is available here (http://www.unitedarrowsandsons.jp/).

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