Upscale West Coast Karaoke – Blind Dragon
Written by: Staff Images by: Elizabeth Daniels

NYC might be the city that never sleeps but LA has better weather and good times that go on for days. For those looking for yet another spot in the City of Angels to lounge out, eat well and have tons of fun, we found just the spot for you. The Blind Dragon is a new Asian-inspired, 2800-ft space on Sunset that offers a satisfying nocturnal experience with a touch of the quirky and unexpected. 

The chic space is owned by the h.wood group and was designed by John Sofio of Built Inc. It tastefully merges Asian inspirations with elements of luxe West Hollywood styling. It has three private Karaoke rooms, a main communal area and a distinctively designed DJ booth that serves up thumping tunes for the people to vibe to. And for those who like to nimble on tasty bites while they’re getting their drink on, there is a full bar-menu stocked with some unorthodox but crazily yummy goodies. One example is a cheeky pizza and dim sum combo (we bet you haven’t heard of that one before). The menu is marshalled by respected Chefs Luigi Fineo and Michael Lefres of Rivabella fame. And for the perfect accompaniments to the eclectic food menu, the bar offers a smashing selection of 80’s pop culture-inspired cocktails. 

So to sum it all up, we have a plush and seductive space, private Karaoke rooms (if that’s your thing) and impressive food and drink menus. We haven’t mentioned one thing yet we don’t like. If you’re a fan of the kinetic nightlife but also enjoy your bouts of leisure, you have to check it out the next time you hit LA. 

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