Urban Meets Outdoors: Ridgemont Outfitters
Written by: Geo Hagan

The competition has gotten quite fierce in the world of men’s footwear. New brands are popping up left and right, and sometimes, it’s hard to separate the really good ones from the brands just taking up space. Take it from us, Ridgemont Outfitters is one shoe brand you should be paying attention to. Their signature shoe is called the Monty, and we were fortunate enough to try a pair out on the streets of NYC. The raison d’etre behind Ridgemont is creating shoes that work well in the urban terrain, but can also function exceptionally in an outdoors environment. So in other words, you should be able to go from the streets of Bushwick to a rugged trail in Portland, Maine with no problems at all. 

The Monty features a robust frame and also offers impressive support to both the sole and ankle. It features a half-cup outsole, an exposed EVA midsole and a heel stabilizer to give the wearer supreme comfort and balance. So no matter how treacherous the trail gets, your feet are always well protected. With regards to an urban style sensibility, the Monty features a sleek upper constructed from oiled suede and high grade nylon. 

A quick word to the wise, for the colder weather that will shortly be upon us, this is one sneaker/boot hybrid that will handle the season quite nicely. 

To see more of Ridgemont’s shoe offerings, visit their site here. 

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