Vagabund Moto BMW R8ORT V05
Written by Erving Parker All images courtesy of Vagabund Moto

Australian motorcycle handcrafter Vagabund Moto presents its new project – the BMW R80RT V05.  This BMW motorcycle has been modified to underscore sexy simplicity, subdued muscle, sterile functional design and vintage aesthetic beauty.  This beast whispers sweet nothings to your primal self without uttering a word.  The bike is vintage and modern at the same time and it emits a androgynous energy that effortlessly lures you in.   The uncluttered feel of this machine is heightened by glorious aluminum components (including a stout rear wheel) and the very cool yellow stripe on the front wheel.  This amazing construction can be jockeyed or simply placed somewhere as a very viable piece of art.  It is BOOM!

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