Valentino Camunoir Collection
Written by Belvar Michkin All Images courtesy of Valentino

The good folks at Valentino are no fools.  They have realized they are on to something with their ongoing camouflage binge and have decided to unveil a spanking new line embedded within their spring/summer 2016 collection called Camunior.  From one fashionista to another, this collection bangs really hard – it is very very rockable.  The camouflage is of the darker type and the fact that Valentino used the same pattern as a background makes the clothes a little difficult to discern.  But after some well perverse squinting your optical organs are rewarded with entrancing images of jackets, t-shirts, bombers, knapsacks, shoes, suits, etc.  that are well constructed and reek of quality.  This is another one for Valentino’s win column.

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