Valley Eyewear 2016 Campaign
Written by: Bash Felixton All images courtesy of Valley Eyewear

Valley Eyewear captures the imagination with a winter harsh wonderland 2016 campaign that makes full use of a peak in the historical hills of Bulgaria.  The campaign titled ‘The Happening’ shot gorgeous images at an abandoned (since the 1980s) Communist Party headquarters known as “Buzludzha” overlooking the town of Kazanlak.  This four-day shoot made it a point to capture the intersection of a manmade structure against the relentless vastness of nature.  The eyewear in the campaign is not overshadowed by the sheer enormity of the backdrop and the amazing gear put together by stylist Sarah Birchley.  In fact, the eyewear become amazing focal points that perfectly complement the chiseled and sometimes stoic faces of shoot stars Jordan Barrett and Natalie Sole.  Valley Eyewear founder Michael Crawley proves with this campaign that he knows how to cook exquisite eye-catching visual meals.  See the campaign pictures and video below.

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