Vibe Johansson Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
Written by: Frederick Gavern All Images courtesy of Vibe Johansson

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection of Vibe Johansson is long, lean and sleek.  The clothes are deceptively bold and unapologetically modernist.  The black and white collection conjures images of fearless youth and the yearning to be stylish in a different way.  Masculine rules are broken when it comes to lengths/silhouettes of the clothes, but what are rules if they are not broken to birth unique style?  These clothes long to be worn by individuals who are indeed ‘individuals’.  This collection is not for followers – the wool, cotton and silk garments softly whisper a sweet song of freedom into the fashion world that we fully hope is heeded by all.  It is so refreshing to know that Vibe Johansson has been able to create a focused and distinct collection that has the ability to jolt the masses.  Pure ether!

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