Vidur A/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

The A/W 2014 Vidur collection is oh so wearable. You would be hard pressed to find an article in this collection that you would not want to own (or buy multiples of).  Muted colors with deliberate lines create silhouettes that inspire adventure and underscore individuality. There is a definite sportswear undertone that conveys a message of comfort without taking away from the forward thinking style and craftsmanship.  This brand is one to watch because it is masterfully straddling the tight rope between commercial and underground while maintaining a clear design perspective. One item of note is the green hooded elongated fall jacket with a unique fishtail silhouette that is very likely to turn heads and make eyes green with envy.

Vidur’s website gives some background on the designers:   Richard Brand and Raj Mistry met whilst studying at The Edinburgh College of Art. Raj continued studies at the Royal College of Art (MA Menswear). Formed in January 2012, Vidur’s design philosophy is to create garments that are elemental, practical, functional and enduring. Influenced by the simplistic, fundamental nature of Nordic design and its emphasis on the durability and authenticity of natural materials, Vidur always works towards the same aesthetic ideals: a focus on form, fabric and workmanship in order to create timeless but contemporary garments. 

Check out Vidur’s A/W 2014 looks in the Slideshow above:

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