“I want to get my young audience out of sneaker world,” Virgil explains. This is because when it comes to streetwear culture there is a limitless opportunity to be creative and push beyond what is the norm and what is expected. However, in some circles, there are those who are out of touch and truly believe that “streetwear” culture is just a tasteless low-end fashion trend. And goes even further, “It’s fashion, but the minute people see black or non-white models and casual silhouettes, they think it’s streetwear … Givenchy sells trackies, and sweaters and T-shirts, but Givenchy would die if they called it streetwear!,” states Nasir Mazhar. Whether LV is co-opting Virgil or Virgil co-opting LV, it’s a win-win and a smart strategic business move. Like Abloh, there are few designers in the game who are switching up the status quo by creating quality made brands, well-disciplined craftsmanship style, and authenticness to a level that will result in long term substantiality. Vigil goes on to say, “I may be the streetwear guy, quote-unquote, but tailoring is the story I want to tell.” On a new vibe and follow up to what he calls, “Part 2,” Abloh’s second Louie collection continues where he left off finding inspiration from the Wizard Of Oz (the Black version) – now combined with the influence of creative conductor and musical style genius Quincy Jones along with a special curated MJ playlist. “When I have Michael singing in the background, it’s a different type of shirt, it’s a different kind of boot, it’s a different fit of pants. Music is key.” Read more here.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show

Louis Vuitton presents the Men’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show by Virgil Abloh at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

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