It’s been a great year for Virgil Abloh (Off-White) and Solange (musician and founder of Saint Heron), so it was only fitting that they were recently recognized by Amex at their Success Makers year-end event in NYC. The evening of activities took place at Skylight Modern Studios in Manhattan. It was a classy, fully-catered event, and the highlight was a panel discussion that the aforementioned fashion and music stars. Susan Sobbott, President of Global Commercial Payments at Amex was the moderator of the chat.

The most illuminating part of the discussion was when Susan asked Virgil and Solange about some of the key lessons they’ve learned that contributed to their recent success. Solange mentioned that “the art of delegation” and “building a great team” have been game changers for her. For his part, Virgil stressed to everyone present to never settle on their dreams. He mentioned that once he realized he could live life exactly the way he wanted, and do the things he loved for a living, he never looked back.

The evening ended with a couple of live songs by Syd, who took the stage without her usual backing band; but she still delivered a rousing noteworthy appearance.

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