Visionaries: Creating A Modern Guggenheim
Written by: Staff

Here at SNC, we usually feature the artistry and creativity of underground and upcoming artists, but every now and then, we also like to keep you in the loop with what’s happening the high brow art world too. At the prestigious Guggenheim museum in NYC, a new exhibition was launched today titled “Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim.” The new exhibition is sponsored in part by Lavazza coffee, and it features rare works from iconic artists like Alexander Calder, Paul Cézanne, Vasily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Vincent van Gogh. The new show will be open to the public on February 10th and will run all the way to September 2017.

If you’re a fan of any of these timeless artists, be sure to visit the Guggenheim to see this exhibition.

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