#WCW: Teyana Taylor’s Fade2Fit/F17 Look Book

Our Women Crush Wednesday Teyana Taylor killed the runways at NYFW 17 and who can forget her jaw breaking, Flashdance-esque performance in Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ music video that appeared at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, we all have been wondering — what is Teyana Taylor’s secret?

Taylor is from Harlem – so the hustle and work ethic is naturally in her DNA, fans can get now their hard bodies after they take on Teyana’s workout program and the new lifestyle brand, Fade2Fit.

Fade2Fit Case Study: Start Something That Matters

FADE2FIT.COM is officially LIVE! Everyone, check out our latest work w/ @teyanataylor and sign up. Let’s go! #fade #fade2fit #fitness #teyanataylor – staffordschlitt

FADE2FIT.COM is officially LIVE! Everyone, check out our latest work w/ @teyanataylor and sign up. Let’s go! #fade #fade2fit #fitness #teyanataylor

The inception of Internet technology, with its ubiquitous or pervasive nature, has managed to divert the ostensible business relationship between an enterprise and its customers to the ever-fast emerging relationship between the industry and the prerequisite factor: the society. This paradigm shift to the emphasis on the culture is well elucidated in every market and or business venture adopted by a company; be it venture capitalism, marketing, sales research, etc.
Nielson’s 2015 Global Trust in advertising reported that an influx in sales is predicated in advertisement that is girded on societal recommendation rather than the conventional and or orthodox professional recommendation. The report polled 92 per cent of the public were seen to purchase more if the society approves the reputation of the product or service.

Consequent to this, the general marketing trend is swayed towards the adoption of the highly successful campaign drive: user generated advertisement. This journey exposes user experiences on a product through great social media outlets such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It has been successfully adopted by Teyana Taylor and her Fade2Fitness brand launch. As apparent then, a link is well revealed between the need to delight the society and overall fiscal viability.

“I wanted to share my secret and show everybody how I get my body. Dance is a workout. Dance is fitness,”

Teyana told Vogue. Get Fade2Fit here. Read more here.


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