In the current music era where the shelf life of hip-hop songs is shorter than the lifespan of mayfly (24 hours, if you care), it is damn near heartwarming to see a highly respected word peddler take his destiny by the scruff of the neck and deliver.  We are of course talking about David Styles, aka Styles P of the legendary Yonkers, NY rap Trio, The Lox.

Real hip-hop connoisseurs have always kept a spot on their lyrical exemplar list for the Lox, but it must be stated that group member Jadakiss was always the fan favorite.  Al Qaeda Jada kept listeners coming back for intricate witty word acrobatics and a distinctive and very discerning vocal tone. However, there was always a feeling that Styles P aka The Ghost was a dark horse waiting for an opportune time to gallop into the limelight (albeit an underground limelight that is not overly blinding).

Styles P’s rhyme style is direct, informed, informational and cynical.  He comes across as one who intimately knows himself and does not feel the need to overstate his street cred although we all reckon he is good in every hood. Styles P also cares very much about health as evidenced by his Juices For Life enterprises – local juice bars located primarily in the inner-city that serve up natural and healthy beverages.  Styles P does not showboat or flash jewels just for the hell of it – he stays fresh to death in fly garments but seldom do you see him in showoff logo-riddled attire – he gets his dapper points across more subtly.

Styles P preparing to go into the second verse of a song.

To top it all off, The Ghost has been very busy the last eight months.  In December 2016, he and his Lox brethren Jada and Sheek Louch released their third studio album “Filthy America…It’s Beautiful” through their own D-block imprint in collaboration with Roc Nation.

In April 2017, Styles along with fellow woke soldier Talib Kweli dropped an extremely dope seven song EP aptly named “The Seven” that was a geared towards opening the hearts and minds of the underground rap community – it succeeded.

There is no rest for the weary – in June 2017, Styles P and Berner (San Francisco rapper and Taylor Gang affiliate) made sure all the smokers were taken care of with a marijuana laced project called ‘VIBES” – the songs on this album grow on you like the hashish resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant.

Styles P will turn 43 years old in November but we want to wish him a happy birthday now because he has earned it.  From the Bad Boy era which he was a part of to the current mumble rap era which he is definitely not a part of, it is very seldom that you see a rapper that is so willing to be original and truthful without being preachy.  Styles P is a mature gentleman and gangsta that inspires all through his work ethic, entrepreneurial drive, class and honesty.  Style.No.Chaser wants the world to know that we are proud of Styles P!!!!!

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