What You Need Before You Need it: build your record collection

Vinyl Me,Please is a record of the month club. This month selection is B.IG.’s classic Ready To Die album.

Vinyl Me,Please’s mission is to to help people explore, experience, and enjoy music on a deeper level. They are serious about providing top service for the avid record collector and music fans.
“We believe in the power of the album as an art form. That music is a form of connection. That an album isn’t just something you own, but something that becomes a part of you. And we offer a full sensory experience that encourages you to deeply connect with the music you’re listening to. Vinyl is a tangible representation of the music you love, and brings with it a ritual you shouldn’t live without. What you listen to and how you listen to it matters. It ends up being an essential part of who you are.”

Notorious B.I.G. – Ready to Die

Ready To Die has become a classic so canonized that all praise can’t help but feel empty. No adjective or second-hand color scheme can capture the shadowplay of dark and light that Biggie creates line-by-line, a sociopathic threat followed by a Louis XIV boast or a novelistic detail that freezes your backbone.

Start your vinyl collection today.
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