Another summer Friday and the weekend (that actually began Thursday for some) with plenty to get into or just chillax. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few carefully curated things we came across, and thought was just dope to check out, No Chaser.

Nothing is cooler than getting a limited edition vinyl – but cooler because it’s a 45! and a good tune for the head top. ‘This Limon is sweet, not sour! Austin Boogie Crew Records is proud to present our newest 45 release: the solo vinyl debut of San Francisco’s own Trailer Limon’ (Dan Meisenheimer).

Steve Canal is the author of “The Mind Of A Winner.” Canal is currently working as a Director of Community Affairs at MillerCoors. He is accountable for the growth and execution of community investment and outreach strategies and programs.

I had the pleasure to conversate with Steve about his visions recently, and he is a leader, humble and smart. The book has many great takeaways and lessons.


Why not. OG Slippers. Weekend comfort. No more need to be said. But Designer Roberto Vincenzo has something to say through his gear. Keep your eye on this brand and cop now.


πŸ’¦ We could all use a mid-day refresher. Tag someone that you'd like to experience #SoJo with!

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If your vacation days are all used up, so what, stay local for a day. If you’re in the New York City area, you might want to check out SoJo Spa Club. It has resort amenities: Dining, Suites, Spa and infinity pool over looking the Hudson River plus more. Worth a stay.

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