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Wordsmiths United (WSU) takes simplicity to the extreme.  The Toronto-based label describes itself as “a flux assemble that orchestrate as a single unit.”  These folks are really bringing artistic heat and simplistic beauty to the masses one beautiful item at a time.  Style.No.Chaser applauds any one (or collective) bold enough to break rules and color outside the lines.  We want to know more about these people.

WSU’s 2015 S/S collection can be described as “bold simplicity”.   Silhouettes are extremely enticing and ease-of-wear is embodied in every homochromous item.  The lookbook photography is ethereal with a bucolic and semi-industrial feel.  The clothes are straightforward and have a clean streetwear aura to them.  Well placed beautifully type faced words on garments accentuate the brand’s nonconformist philosophy.   It is clear that this collective does not care about, and chooses to transcend, seasons.  This particular collection can (and should) be worn perennially.  

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